About Us

We are young people who are sick of watching Capitalism destroy our world. We want both political and economic democracy. By coming together and respecting each other, we can combine our creative power to build a new and better world.

We are:

  • For equal rights for all.
  • For freedom from oppression.
  • For worker control of the economy.
  • For real democratic government.
  • For free clean renewable energy.
  • For providing for the needs of everyone.
  • Against racism, sexism, and homophobia.
  • Against imperialism and genocide.
  • Against religious bigotry and dogmatism.
  • Against the police state and the drug war.
  • Against polluting the Earth for corporate profit.
  • Against the Capitalist worldview.

If these are issues you care about, come lend a hand and help make the world a better place for everyone. We are a democratic organization which means you get a say in what we do. Everyone is welcome.

Meetings: Every Monday at 7pm in Harris Hall room 102.




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