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Where We Stand

What we have known most of our lives has been perpetual war, genocide, starvation, environmental degradation, the oppression of women and the LGBT community, and the continuation of racism. We have also known the greatest technological leaps in human history, yet refuse to cure cancer or HIV/AIDS. In no other epoch has there been such an overproduction of food while millions of people go hungry. We now have the power to wield free and environmentally friendly renewable energy, but we continue to blow mountains up for coal and poison the people of our planet with toxic emissions. We participate in this absurdity because it is profitable. Profitable for the few, and not the many. The system that promotes profit above human need is capitalism. Students for Appalachian Socialism believes that the only way to bring about true change is through the ultimate destruction of capitalism and the emergence of a total democracy ran for and by the whole working class. We stand behind the following principles:

-We believe that capitalism is the central problem that connects all the injustices and exploitation in our world. We define capitalism as an economic system comprised of two major classes: the ruling class (the bourgeoisie) and the working class ( the proletariat). The bourgeoisie simply owns property – the means of production (the factory, the machinery, land, buildings, etc.) – and lives off of it without really working, but just renting to or employing people to produce wealth for them. The working class , the class without property, is forced to sell their labor to those who own the means of production. The working class produces all the wealth in the world and yet receives and owns less than 15% of it. The real free loaders in our world are the bourgeoisie. Capitalism cannot be reformed or voted away, revolution is the only solution. The bourgeoisie will not benevolently return all that we have created and that they have stolen. We must take it back. The capitalist system will only give us meager reform when the bourgeoisie feels that its power is threatened. We strive for a society beyond capitalism – a society without petty divisions – a socialist society. Our vision of socialism is a society ruled from the bottom up, a society that’s single moral is ‘people before profit.’ With this virtue, we are not ashamed to admit our goals and aims for a just and egalitarian world. Che Guevara once said that “The life of a single human being is worth a million times more than all the property of the richest man on earth.” That being noted, we will dare to struggle for socialism.

-Racism is promoted not only by a social system of white privilege, but it is also promoted by capitalism and the state. Countless times, company’s fighting to suppress unionism in their workforce have used racism as a tool to destroy solidarity amongst the workers. Capitalism has also disproportionately laid the weight of poverty and punishment on people of color from its beginnings. To maintain a system that divides people along racial lines, racism must be codified and upheld by an all-too willing state. We believe that racism and any racist pigs should be fought and defeated by any means necessary. If a community of color is violated by the pigs or any other racist thug, we support any form of justice determined by said community. It is paramount for communities of color to revamp their efforts to safeguard themselves from racism and outside ownership and coercion. Contrary to popular belief (in the white community), racism has not ended. People of color still receive less pay for equal work, harsher prison sentences, more police (pig) brutality, and a social stigma on their very existence. We refuse to accept or tolerate any amount of racism anywhere, and will fight alongside all sisters and brothers for the dream of equality.

-We take the extreme view, apparently, that women are people and thus deserve equality with their male counterparts. We celebrate the victories of women and we fight for the future of womens’ liberation. We stand against every attack on womens’ reproductive rights. We stand by our female comrades in the struggle to win equal pay for equal work. We adamantly oppose patriarchal oppression and the commodification of women’s bodies. Women are not forms to be used for advertisements or property to be bought and sold. We oppose all manifestations of rape culture and staunchly support the human right of freedom of consent.

-We believe that the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) community deserves civil rights. We stand behind all efforts for social and sexual liberation. We believe that the current movement being manifested by liberal organizations (like the Human Rights Campaign and the Democratic Party) is petty and offensive. Was it the LGBT community that made marriage a serious political issue? Or was it a stratagem organized by politicians and the wealthy gay and lesbian community abstracted from the material reality of their working class LGBT counterparts? We believe that LGBT issues go far beyond marriage equality, which we do support, but we also dream and struggle for a world where sexuality is accepted and protected by everyone. We want equal housing and job rights for the LGBT community. We want LGBT history to be taught in schools. We want self-determination and not forced bourgeois assimilation for the LGBT community. We want LGBT sex education provided for all youths. We want Queer to stay, and we want everyone to get used to it.

-In these early years of the 21st Century, Imperialism is still being used by capitalism as a way to expand its markets and oppress people. We denounce all wars of imperialist aggression, including the ongoing battles and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. We also support international struggles for independence and liberation. We stand in solidarity with the peoples of Palestine, Quebec, Ireland, Puerto Rico, Kashmir, Kurdistan, and all other oppressed and occupied nations. As Appalachians, we understand the colonized mindset. We are the third world inside of the first world. We understand what it is to be manipulated and exploited from outside powers. We believe our struggle is the same as all colonized peoples: the struggle for liberation.

-We stand behind the principle of self-defense. All oppressed group must trust and rely upon themselves for their immediate security. Members of the media and spokespersons of the State will defame this stance as ‘violent.’ We laugh at their poor attempt at puppetry. People of color cannot rely on an avowedly racist Fraternal Order of Police. Women cannot report sexual assault and be taken seriously by people who assume they deserve what they got because they are ‘too slutty.’ The working class cannot call in the National Guard to protect itself from being shot at and beaten by the National Guard. The only option for exploited and oppressed groups is to rival the political and physical power that is being used against us.
All groups deserve the right to determine what are appropriate levels of self-defense according to their needs and material conditions. In the most extreme and warranted cases, like that of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, it is necessary to arm yourself in order to prevent your enemy from exterminating you. When self-defense is embraced, it looks like a warning sign in your front yard that reads “Try to lock us in concentration camps, try to chain us in the fields, try to murder us while we sleep, try to drag us to the firing squad and we will rise up and meet your force with our own.”
If this sounds violent, we ask you to think of the wars heads-of-state and CEO’s wage for profit. We ask you to think about lynchings committed against people of color and the LGBT community. We ask you to think about Police (pig) brutality and then inquire about the need for self-defense in the various groups of the working class.


About Students for Appalachian Socialism

We are a student group at Marshall University working to create real political and economic democracy.

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